Deutsche Fassung in Arbeit

A modern professsional recording studio tends to consist these days of an Avid Pro Tools HD or HDX workstation with parrallel processing on a large number of DSPs ( in our case, 27 DSP’s) and physical outputs into the studio, generally between 24 and 96, and in the case of the AVZ, 48 outputs. The second main element of the modern studio tends to be a Solid State Logic of Oxford, U.K. „superanalogue“ mixing console. The Solid State Logic console (SSL) is an industry standard and offers equalisation and dynamics on every channel as well as varied routing possibilities. Added to that are control surfaces for DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) interaction.

So the modern studio is a hybrid studio, a digital and anaolgue studio. It has a Digital Audio Workstation, and plug-in processing, on one hand, and on the other, an analogue mixing environment with classical and contemporary equalizers and dynamics processors, many of which have become available again only reccently due to advances in CAD and CAM, that is computer aided design and manufacture, with pick and place soldering robots for PCB construction.

The Pro Tools/SSL configuration is one found in the biggest recording studios in Austria, such as in the ORF Rosenhügel film studios’ Synchron Studios Vienna, in MG Studios Vienna, the biggest private studio complex, and in St. Marx’s studio Room 36.

The AVZ has 24 SSL channels (one quarter of the number in Synchron Studio A and in a more elementary form) with pre-amps from Millennia, Neve and API, extensive external equalization from SSL, API and Neve, and dynamics from leading manufacturers such as SSL, Tube Tech, Smart Research, Manley, Empirical Labs and Neve.

Englische Fassung in Arbeit


Genelec 8250, Genelec Subwoofer
Yamaha NS10, Alesis M2, Fostex 6301B


Neumann (TLM 170,KM184), AKG, Audix, Shure etc.
Cables by Mogami, Gotham.

Front End

Millennia Media HV3D-8, Amek Neve 9098 x2
Chilton CM2 16 pre amps, Avalon U5 DI,
API 512c mike pre.

Recording System

Pro Tools HD3, with 40 channel outputs
via Avid 192 i/o x 3
Mac Pro PCIe, Quad Core, 12 GB RAM.
Plug-ins by Waves (Diamond Bundle), Sonnox, BF, Avid etc.


SSL X-Desk expanded (24 insert channels,
total of 44 inputs) with SSL Stereo Bus Compressor.
Chilton CM2 (16 channels) as sidecar.

Analogue EQ

12 channels SSL Superanalogue EQ,
2 channels Amek Neve 9098,
API 500V module system, with 3 x API 500a.
Chilton EQ x 16.

Röhrenentzerrer/Tube EQ

Tube Tech PE-1C


Avalon 2044, Neve 33609JD, EL Distressors x 4,
Purple MC77 x 2, Kush Audio Fatso,
Dbx 160 x 2, SSL Stereo
Buss Compressor, Aphex Dominators x 2.
Drawmer DS-201 Gates x 3 (6 channels)

Tube Compressors

Tube Tech CL1B
Manley Vari-Mu with T-Bar Mod


Eventide H3000 DSE, Lexicon PCM 91,
Lexicon PCM 92, Lexicon 300, TC M3000,
TC D-Two, Yamaha SPX990, Yamaha SPX 90 x2,
Yamaha Rev 7, Sony R7, DBX 120XP.


Nord Modular, Prophet VS, Wave XT,
Waldorf Pulse, Sherman Filter, Wavestation EX,
Korg Prophecy, Yamaha CPxxx, Akai S5000 x 2, Akai S900,
Yamaha TG500, Roland JD900, Korg Triton, Casio XX,

Laptop Umgebung

Apple MBP Core i7, 8GB, Pro Tools 12, Omnisphere,Trillian
Stylus RMX, Native Instruments Komplete,
Ableton Live Studio with Max for Live, Sylenth,
Logic Studio. Novation Zero Mk2, Akai APC Mini, Akai
MPC Studio, Korg Kaoss Pad 3. Waves Diamond Bundle.

Sample Farm

4 Word Clock locked PCs, with Pro Tools Mix as
mixer (888 24, 2x Adat bridge), 24 hard discs,
running EW Symphony Orchestra Platinum,
EW Pianos on SSD, EW Goliath, Stormdrum etc.

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