Dr. Stephen Ferguson MA MMus LRSM
Deutsche Fassung in Arbeit

Stephen Ferguson studied music, English and piano performance in Aberdeen, London and Vienna. His interest in technology and arts goes back to work with the EMS Synthi 100, and in his own recording studio. As a composer he has been represented at major festivals (Edinburgh, Ars Electronica, Kings Lynn, World Music Days) and has received honorary Austrian citizenship, the Austrian state stipend for composition and the Förderungspreis of Vienna.
He has been a university lecturer, senior editor (at Schott in Mainz) and music producer. He was a guest lecturer at Oxford, Edinburgh, Wolfgang Goethe University, and was invited as visiting scholar to CCRMA Stanford. He has written a book about Ligeti, and published 2 CDs. Current interests: technology and arts, melodic analysis, vocal composition, lyrics. From 2000 to winter semester 2016-2017, responsible for the Audiovisual Centre at the Campus, Vienna University.